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About Me

 My grandma bought me my first camera when I was around 8 years old. I started thinking of photos as more than just a hobby when my first baby was born. I knew I had more to observe and practice. I feel like you are never absolutely perfect at anything so I have been trying to learn more ever since.
I love the memories photos hold. One photo can mean something to one person and something different to another. A photo is a memory you can never get back-but remember forever just by having a 4x6 in your hand. It is amazing to capture so many different faces, eyes, smiles, laughs and sometimes cries! We are all beautiful and so unique!


Besides taking pictures...I love to spend time with my 4 little ones and hubby. Family is a huge part of my life. You might find us walking downtown, at the library,  or getting a coffee/smoothie at our favorite cafe! Some other loves:  music, reading, traveling, movies and having dance parties!
I am also a Pulmonary Function Technologist at The University of Michigan Hospital!!


I can not wait to meet you!!

~ Meghan

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