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About Me

 I started thinking of photos as more than just a hobby when my first baby was born in 2010. I knew I had a lot to learn, observe and practice. I feel like you are never absolutely perfect at anything so I have been learning and practicing ever since.
I love the memories photos hold. One photo can mean something to one person and then something different to another. A photo is a memory you can never get back but remember forever just by having a 4x6 in your hand. It is amazing to capture so many different faces, eyes, smiles, laughs and sometimes cries! We are all beautiful and so unique.
Please contact me so I can capture your moment!


Besides taking pictures...I love to spend time with my 4 little ones and hubby. Family is a huge part of my life. You will find us walking downtown, at the library, the treehouse, or getting a coffee, bagel, etc.! We also love arts and crafts, playdoh and having dance parties.
I am also a Pulmonary Function Technologist at The University of Michigan Hospital!!

~ Meghan

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